Facebook's new ad goes down the toilet

The slightly odd new ad from Facebook, the one that declares Facebook is like chairs, gets a somewhat NSFW parody treatment, comparing the company to toilets.

A royal flush?
Andrew Zenn Films/YouTube Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Facebook, a company that has so often seemed as if it flies by the seat of its pants, last week released an ad in which it compared itself to chairs.

Which became quite quickly the butt of humor.

Chairs are rather solitary things. It's hard to see how they bring people together.

It's inevitable, then, that someone has made a parody video, elevating this absurdity by sending it down the toilet.

I am grateful to AllThingsD for being seated when it spotted this homage to Facebook's catatonia.

It seems to have been made by a company called Andrew Zenn Films and it suggests that yes, indeed, Facebook does offer sedentary symbolism.

In this case, though, the suggestion is that Facebook is like toilets. You know, the places where so many people give of themselves.

It's a little Not Safe For Work, given the repeated use of the word "s***."

However, perhaps it offers a reasonable reflection on what is a very curious emission from Facebook's brains trust.