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Facebook users enlisted to find missing restaurateur

Family of Canadian restaurateur George Koutroubis has offered Facebook users entry into a $1,000 random prize draw. Entry is limited to everyone who posts a missing-persons poster.

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Updated 12.10PST. Mr. Koutroubis has been found dead in the back of his car. Reports from Toronto suggest he had been badly beaten.

Between now and February 27, if you post a missing-persons poster on your Facebook page, you will be eligible for entry into a $1,000 random draw.

The family of missing Canadian restaurateur George Koutroubis is so concerned for his safety that it is hoping Facebook users will be able to help. And it is offering the contest as an incentive to spread the word about Mr. Koutroubis.

A news release on behalf of his family said: "The way we have structured this contest is a highly effective way to get his photo out, raise awareness, and involve people who may not know George or about our campaign to find him, so we highly encourage everyone to participate."

Mr. Koutroubis left his condo at 7:30 a.m. last Tuesday and was last heard from by a business associate who spoke to him by phone around 4:30 p.m. that day. He is, apparently, a man rarely parted from his BlackBerry and is a newlywed.

Help Find George Koutroubis Group

Police are fearing the worst. But instead of informing everyone that you've just got up, had a coffee, and still haven't got over how lovely Mickey Rourke looked at the Oscars, perhaps you'd like to help Mr. Koutroubis' family. It might even bring you $1,000. The Help Find George Koutroubis Group and all the rules for the contest are to be found here.

The family is especially keen for help from Facebook users who live in the Whitby, Ajax, and Toronto areas. If you're wondering what specifically is being asked of you, the family is requesting that you change your Facebook profile picture to the George Koutroubis Missing Poster.

One can only hope that Mr. Koutroubis is found alive and unharmed, with or without Facebook users' help.