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Facebook: Use Connect! It's easy!

The social network has released the first of several instructional videos that tell interested developers and site owners how to integrate its new universal-login technology.

The marketing push for Facebook Connect, the social network's new data-portability project, goes on. Their angle: It's really easy to install on any site or blog.

A post on Facebook's developer blog contains a video that explains the most basic way to integrate Facebook Connect. The just-under-ten-minute video is the first of several instructional pieces, Facebook engineers said.

Focusing on ease of use is particularly important as Facebook attempts to win over site owners and publishers. There are other data-portability options out there, like OpenID and the just-launched MySpaceID, and Facebook's best bet is to convince the non-social-networking world that Connect is the clean and simple option. There are, after all, loads of non-tech-savvy media properties out there. And Facebook already has an advantage--many of the alternatives just aren't that self-explanatory.

In other news, CNET's Facebook Connect integration went live this week.