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'Facebook: The Movie': Now, who should play Mark Zuckerberg?

It appears West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin has been commissioned to pen a flick about the red-hot social network. Come speculate wildly on casting!


If a recently created group on Facebook is to be believed, entertainment stalwart Aaron Sorkin--creator of The West Wing and A Few Good Men--is working on penning a movie for Sony and producer Scott Rudin about the origins of Facebook. Someone claiming to be Sorkin's researcher created the group so that he can learn more about the site, and several hundred Facebook members have already joined.

So maybe it's real and maybe it isn't real. But let's start asking the really important questions: which young actor should play founder Mark Zuckerberg?

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg SXSWi

I say Jason Schwartzman. He's slight and prone to geeky roles, he's already played Ringo Starr and Louis XIV, and it can't be that hard for him to dye his hair blond and wax philosophical about the "social graph." Alternate: Arrested Development star Michael Cera, who already has the blond hair and can play geeks like nobody's business. (Thanks to Elliot Schimel for that suggestion.)

Give me a few more hours and I'll think of some hunky hottie who could play both Winklevoss twins, Parent Trap-style.

This does not appear to be related to Face Off, a rumored forthcoming novel from Bringing Down The House author Ben Mezrich that he and his publisher still refuse to confirm. That book, known only by a few pages of a proposal that leaked to gossip blog Gawker, is reportedly a juicy tell-all that doesn't exactly paint Zuckerberg in the fairest of colors.