Facebook pushes you to vote

Digital "I Voted" stickers will fill Facebook feeds, Apple sells 3 million iPads in three days, and Instagram users are fooled by spam accounts.

Monday's CNET Update has the power:

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The CNET New York office has reopened, and it's great to be back to give you today's tech news roundup:

- Apple sold 3 million iPads in the three days since new models went on sale. That number includes the sales of two models: the iPad Mini fourth-generation iPad. But the bulk of the sales are estimated to be for the smaller tablet.

- Tuesday is election day in the U.S., so prepare to be bombarded with voting reminders and peer pressure on social media. Facebook is making a big push for people to vote, and Uber is giving free rides to polling stations.

- Barnes & Noble dropped the prices of older Nook models. The Nook Tablet starts at $160 for 8GB of storage, and $180 for 16GB. The Nook Color dropped to $140. But that new Nook HD Tablet is still $200.

- Twitter is working on a way for users to put filters on photos posted from the Twitter app, according to a report from The New York Times. It would be similar to Instagram filters.

- Thousands of Instagram users were fooled by spam accounts posing as major airlines, all promising the same deal: a free flight to the first 10 or 20 thousand followers that give a "shout out" to the account. Spam on Instagram is on the rise, so be aware before you jump into any promotion that seems too good to be true.

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