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Facebook Powerball hoaxer is software engineer, report says

The man who persuaded more than 2 million people to share his photo of a fake winning Powerball ticket is reportedly the co-owner of an Arizona-based medical software company.

Is that a software engineer's beard?
Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

You have probably barely slept for wondering what kind of sniveling snail would put their picture up on Facebook with a fake winning Powerball ticket.

Or you have probably barely slept for wondering what kind of saintly sort would ask people to share on Facebook his picture with a winning Powerball ticket and offer $1 million to a random sharer.

Either way, the excitement generated by Nolan Daniels has been heated and profound -- especially as more than 2 million people have now shared in the experience.

Now, it seems, we know which Nolan Daniels he is.

The Savannah Morning News, which first brought his tale to prominence, has now announced that this Nolan Daniels is Nolan Ryan Daniels, software engineer.

It says that this Nolan Ryan Daniels is the co-owner of N2 Technologies, based in Mesa, Ariz. This is a company that offers various software services to those in the medical industry.

His LinkedIn profile offers that he is a "Seasoned Computer Programmer and SQL Expert."

The Savannah Morning News says that it has spoken with his brother, Derek, who confirmed his identity and declared: "I think he craves the love from people."

Well, he certainly has enjoyed quite some love -- especially from people who would love it if he would give them quite some money.

Derek Daniels also teased: "He did this to make himself feel better."

Naturally, one has tried to contact this very Nolan Daniels in an attempt to ascertain his own perspective on both his jape and the impact it has enjoyed all over the world.

Thus far, he has maintained a stoic silence. Which might mean that "The Today Show" or another fine breakfast serial has secured his story.

I am sure there will be software engineers who will admire his sense of humor.

Though a few might feel it denigrates the sheer precision of their profession that he didn't present the numbers in ascending order -- which is normal for a Powerball ticket.

As of this writing, Daniels -- who was, indeed, reportedly named after pitcher Nolan Ryan -- continues to receive messages of goodwill.

Just a couple of hours ago, the improbably named Louan Lheureuxx posted to his Facebook page: "This is not luck! There is no such thing! It is Karma. This man probably really deserved this :) awesome!!!"

It will surely be, um, awesome if he becomes a nationally recognized figure, ready to fool the world again with his next artful dodge.