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Facebook might change its name, and the memes and jokes abound

Is the site's name really the issue? Spoiler: It's not.

Is a name change in the works? 
Sarah Tew/CNET

Would Facebook be any better with a different name? On Tuesday, The Verge reported that the social media giant's founder, Mark Zuckerberg, plans to discuss Facebook's rebranding at the company's annual Connect conference on Oct. 28. 

Facebook declined to address the report, saying it doesn't comment on rumor or speculation. But the idea of a new name for the popular and controversial site sparked plenty of interest online.

You bet there were Terminator references. "Mark Z. checking trademark databases to see if 'Skynet' is available," one person wrote.

One person snarked on Facebook's own name rules, writing, "Dear Facebook: We've received your request to change your name. However, due to our real-names policy, you will first need to fax us a copy of your court order and new driver's license..."

And plenty of people pointed out that a name change isn't getting at Facebook's actual issues. 

"Just to be clear, Facebook, our problem with you is not your name," the MeidasTouch.com account tweeted.

But there were also plenty of name suggestions, so take note, Zuckerberg.

"Just in," wrote Star Trek actor George Takei. "Facebook, taking its cue from 'Ye' (formerly Kanye), will rename itself 'Ok.'"

Another person wrote, "I just came up with a name that is sleek, concise, future-oriented, and does not appear to be taken by any registered companies. How does 'Enron' sound?"

We'll reportedly find out next week if a new name is really on its way.