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Facebook 'looking back' parody shows true value of first 10 years

Watch a decade's worth of what social media is really about: regrettable sharing of suggestive "funny" photos you'd rather forget you ever saw.

Ten years of moments that seemed brilliant at the time...
Video screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

Facebook has been with us for a decade now, forever redefining the meaning of "social" in the process. With all the tributes and looking back going on, we came across one parody of Facebook's own "A Look Back" feature that seems to capture what the social network is really all about -- hilariously inappropriate and not really safe-for-work photos.

Perhaps most disturbingly, I recognized at least one of these crude images from having also shared it on my own Facebook photo stream at one point. I refuse to tell you which one.

So, give it a watch and think back on all the things you've shared in 10 years on Facebook that you probably wish you could permanently erase from your memory at this point. Seriously, if your boss is not going to take kindly to you kicking back and enjoying suggestive photos of animals and vegetables, than you probably don't want to watch this at work.

But don't let that stop you from sharing this post on Facebook and everywhere else, of course. Enjoy.