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Facebook holding Feb. 8 event to discuss new H.Q.

The massive social-networking site is holding a press conference in Menlo Park, Calif., the city where it has just purchased a 22-acre campus.


Facebook has sent out an invitation for a Tuesday press conference at an address in Menlo Park, Calif., which houses the city's municipal buildings. The company has confirmed CNET's guess that it would be to formally announce new headquarters within the Silicon Valley city.

"The press event on Tuesday at Menlo Park City Hall is regarding a campus that will fit our long-term business needs," a Facebook representative said via e-mail. "We'll be sharing more information at that time."

Facebook said late last year that it was searching for locations for a long-term headquarters to house its rapidly growing number of employees. One of the options, rumor had it, was a former Sun Microsystems campus in Menlo Park, near the Dumbarton Bridge.

In December, a Facebook spokesman said when asked about the Sun rumors: "We are in the due diligence phase on one potential site, but it would be premature to offer any specifics. We hope to have more to share in the near future once things have been finalized."

The 22-acre real estate buy was confirmed earlier this week by a local newspaper that had checked out recent updates to San Mateo County records.

The logo on the invitation is a house with the Facebook Places "check-in" emblem, which ties in nicely to the real estate theme.

Update 11:24 a.m. PT: This post was updated and the headline changed to reflect confirmation from Facebook.