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Facebook helps reunite woman with her rescuers

Now 20, a woman uses the social network to connect with the then teenagers who found her as an abandoned newborn. Tech is unheralded hero in this moving Washington Post story.

A newborn baby, wrapped in towels and abandoned in Fairfax, Va., is discovered by two 15-year-olds in 1989.

Bonded by the experience of discovering the baby and getting the baby girl help, the teens stay friends for 20 years, never learning what became of the child. One day two weeks ago, Facebook helped provide the answer.

"After all these years, the little girl they had found had found them," writes reporter Michael Ruane in Thursday's edition of The Washington Post.

This nice holiday story only mildly involves technology. But it is the latest illustration of what can happen when social networks are put to good use.

I couldn't retell it as well as Ruane, so check out his story of 20-year-old Mia Flemming and how she used Facebook to track down the people who rescued her when she was just 12 hours old.