Facebook gets 6,600-pound chocolate thumbs-up

Cadbury Dairy Milk pulls delicious Facebook stunt by live-streaming the construction of a huge chocolate thumbs-up--a thank you for reaching 1 million fans.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
Cadbury Facebook thumb
I dare you to hitchhike with this. Cadbury Dairy Milk

Reaching 1 million Facebook fans was a big deal for Cadbury Dairy Milk in the U.K. It was such a big deal that Cadbury stacked 6,600 pounds of Dairy Milk bars into the shape of a giant Facebook "Like" thumbs-up.

The edible hand took two days to build. The crew dressed in matching purple tops, making them look suspiciously like escaped Oompa Loompas.

According to the time-lapse video, there were some worrying moments during construction, but the thumbs-up managed not to squish anybody. A Facebook fan named Denise had the honor of putting the last piece of chocolate into place.

Cadbury offered some handy comparison charts to give fans an idea of just how large the hand is. It's as tall as two small cars or six rockhopper penguins standing on each other's heads. It weighs as much as 24 baby elephants.

As far as social-media stunts go, the thumbs-up is a pretty good one. The construction was live-streamed on Facebook and it probably sent more than a few drooling customers to the store to pick up their own Dairy Milk bars.

The massive happy hand has been donated to an unnamed company that specializes in research into renewable fuels. There's no word on whether the thumbs-up will be turned into fuel, eaten, or set free to terrorize London.

(Via Creativity Online)