Facebook founders put $170,000 into pot

Sean Parker and Dustin Moskovitz contribute $170,000 to support California's Proposition 19, a ballot measure to legalize marijuana in the state.

Chris Matyszczyk

Facebook is a company with some very personal--if public--quirks.

While allowing ads that support pot legalization, the company forbids pictures of the evil, coma-inducing plant.

Many will be delighted, then, to discover that two of Facebook's co-founders have not foundered when it comes to their own personal views about marijuana.

According to Proposition 19 campaign filings, reported by ABC News, Sean Parker, he of the nasal infractions in "The Social Network," has donated $100,000 to this California ballot measure that seeks to legalize pot in the state.

CC ElPablo!/Flickr

He is following the lead of his fellow Facebook co-founder, Dustin Moskovitz, who reportedly already donated $70,000 to support the same cause.

These progressive businessmen understand that there are two aspects to the legalization of marijuana. Firstly, most people in California seem to avail themselves of a little smoke once in a while, if only to preserve their own Californian character in times of huge emotional stress caused by economic calamity.

Secondly, because of that economic calamity, they understand that California desperately needs the tax revenue that would be provided by the pot trade suddenly being elevated to a position above the counter.

What is, perhaps, astonishing in the run-up to elections for California governor in November, is that former eBay CEO and vast campaign spender Meg Whitman and tall, bald, permanent politician Jerry Brown--the two candidates--have not been asked whether they have ever partaken of the state's symbolic herb.

Surely there are votes to be won (or lost) by stirring the pot.