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Face scanning in less than a second

Probably not for home use

Phone Futiro

We almost passed up this item because it looked so much like an Internet phone that surfaced awhile back called the "Luna." But on closer inspection, it wasn't a handset at all but, of all things, a biometric device.

What's unclear is why a face scanner needs to be shaped vaguely like a banana phone, but we're hardly experts on the subject, thank goodness. All that matters is that it works, as Red Ferret says, scanning and athenticating a mug in less than a second. The "VisionAccess 3D Face Reader" from Ontario-based Bioscrypt has an "invisible near-infrared light" that works in the light or the dark from up to 6 feet away--which means you can test a subject beyond striking distance (hopefully).

Pricing wasn't immediately available, but we're assuming that the scanner would be purchased by a government agency or corporation. If you are looking to buy one, however, you can probably count yourself officially among the ranks of the truly paranoid. Welcome aboard.