Fable franchise is resurrected for Xbox Series X

At its Xbox Games Showcase, Xbox Game Studios gave a brief preview of a new Fable game. Really brief.

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At its Xbox Games Showcase Thursday, Microsoft revealed that Xbox Game Studios and Playground Games are bringing back the fabled Fable action-adventure franchise after years of languishing in limbo. The aptly named Fable will be shipping for Xbox Series X and Windows 10, and will be available with Xbox Game Pass subscriptions.

We only got a brief glimpse of it, though, which can be summed up as fairies, magic, giant mushrooms and fairy-eating frogs. Playground Games is best known for the Forza Horizon series of open-world racing games.

The last big Fable game, Fable 3, came out for Xbox 360 in 2010, with a follow up Fable: The Journey for Kinect two years later; successor Fable Legends was canceled after years in development. Developer Lionhead Studios, which was owned by Microsoft, was closed down shortly after.

Watch this: Fable teaser revealed at Xbox Games Showcase

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