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EZcode reader to be preloaded in Samsung phones

Samung to preload the ScanLife mobile 2D bar code reader application in all of its camera phones.

Scanbuy, the developer of the 2D EZcode bar codes, announced on Wednesday that it has secured a global agreement with Samsung to preload the ScanLife mobile 2D bar code reader application on Samsung's camera phones.


The deal comes into effect as early as next month when Samsung starts selling these phones in Spain, Italy, and Denmark. With this move, Scanbuy hopes to quickly expand the use of EZcodes in other major markets, including Mexico and the United States.

EZcodes allows for instantaneously executing an action that the code is associated with, such as launching a Web site without you having to remember its Web address and typing it on the phone's browser. For example, if you see a product that features an EZcode, you can take a photo of that code using your mobile phone's camera, and the ScanLife software will immediately gives you information related to that product such as its price, functions, specs, or even place a call to its technical support. Aside from EZcodes, the application also reads major 2D bar code formats designed to quickly recognize and process information.

As part of the global agreement, Samsung will preload camera phones with the ScanLife application for each new country that's rolling out Scanbuy's complete solution. Samsung will also use EZcodes to promote and market its extensive portfolio of consumer-related electronics.

Personally, I've tried the ScanLife app on my iPhone 3G a couple of times and thought it was really cool. However, this kind of technology only makes sense if it's implemented ubiquitously, which is exactly what Scanbuy is trying to achieve with this deal.