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Eye-Fi rolls out Pro Wi-Fi for wireless transfers

The latest version of the camera's Wi-Fi SD card line adds support for raw uploads, ad-hoc network connections, and selective uploads.

Eye-Fi Pro

Adding a few much-asked-for features to its wireless SD card, Eye-Fi extends its eponymous product line to appeal to more than just point-and-shoot-equipped photographers. The new Eye-Fi Pro builds on the capabilities of last year's Eye-Fi Explore Video--photo geotagging via Skyhook Wireless' Wi-Fi location triangulation and camera-based Web uploads of photos and videos via Wi-Fi networks. To that it adds three key features: support for raw file transfers, the capability to connect directly to a computer via an ad-hoc wireless connection and selective file transfer. In addition, the company is surfacing a software feature--relayed uploads--which allows for transfers to your home system via the Internet. The company plans to trickle this capability down the product line, too.

I've been working with a card and was hoping to get a review posted this morning, but trying to test the ad-hoc network features has been driving me batty, in part because configuration seems to require that your system be connected to the Internet and the ad-hoc network simultaneously--which is impossible--or that you're using two computers. I'm probably just overlooking something obvious. And despite some minor annoyances with how the Eye-Fi ecosystem operates, all the other features have worked quite well across multiple computers and cameras. So I'm going to spend some quality time on the phone with tech support before delivering a verdict later today. I'll update this post when it's live.

The Eye-Fi Pro comes in a 4GB capacity and costs $149.