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Eye-Fi makes photo sharing more cloudy

Users of Eye-Fi wireless SD cards get use of Eye-Fi View for access to photos and videos from Web-connected computers and mobile devices.


If you've never used an Eye-Fi SD card, it's a pretty great solution for using wireless networks to get photos and video you've just shot out of your camera and stored on your computer and/or uploaded to a favorite sharing site. Getting full access to that content from a computer other than your own, however, wasn't easy until today's launch of Eye-Fi View. The service lets you shoot and store to the company's cloud storage so you can view and share from just about any Web-connected computer and mobile device.

One of the new features is an e-mail button in the updated Eye-Fi Center software used for browsing photos and videos. This allows you to quickly drag-and-drop content to privately share it by e-mail with whomever you want. Eye-Fi stores the content and sends off a single link to recipients allowing them to view and download at full resolution, and they don't have to sign up for an account or log in to anything.

While all Eye-Fi users can take advantage of the e-mail sharing feature, Eye-Fi X2 card users can choose to automatically send content to an Eye-Fi View account and once uploaded they'll be available for seven days for free. If on day six you decide to e-mail some or all of your content to someone for sharing, that content will be available for an additional seven days from the date you send, again for free. You could keep doing this indefinitely or you can suck it up and get an Eye-Fi Premium account for $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year.