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Expect more cliffhangers in 'Doctor Who' Season 9

There'll be lots of action, a few new characters and more cliffhangers in the next season of "Doctor Who," according to actors Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman and showrunner Steven Moffat.

Get ready for more cliffhangers and two-part episodes in the ninth season of "Doctor Who."

In a video released to the official "Doctor Who" YouTube channel on Tuesday, actors Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman and lead writer Steven Moffat gave viewers a taste of what's to come when the long-running sci-fi series returns to TV later this month.

Moffat said this season will be part of the glory years for the Doctor and Clara, as they've been through the Doctor's identity crisis and Clara seems to have gotten over her fear that the new Doctor isn't really the Doctor she came to know. The two have connected and grown together, and now seem ready to take on the universe together.

Capaldi says the series will take the Doctor and Clara across the universe to all sorts of dark and terrifying places, and the return of Missy and a new character played by will keep things interesting for the time-traveling duo.

Moffat revealed that they're doing "bigger" stories in Season 9, which will result in more two-part episodes and the cliffhangers that tend to accompany such episodes. And, Moffat notes that this season will keep you grinning more, at least until he wipes the smile off your face in a suspenseful twist.

The ninth season of "Doctor Who" will materialize on BBC America on September 19.