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Exercise in the hot tub: A match made in hell

Spas are no place for fitness. Ever.

Dimension One Spas

This is a convergence trend that must be stopped: the combination of fitness and relaxation products. First there was this lounge chair from Japan that facilitated sit-ups. Now there's a hot tub that--gasp--includes bult-in exercise equipment.

Or aqua-cise, to be exact, hence the name--the "AquaFit 19 Dual Temp." The "Dual Temp" part refers to its two temperature zones, cooler for workouts and hotter for the whirlpool. "It includes all of the equipment that you need for stationary swimming, jogging, and rowing," Uber-Review says. And you must pay $40,000 for the privilege of ruining your sanctuary.

This is heresy. If there's one thing Crave has always defended, it's the right to enjoy a multimedia spa with a gigantic TV built into it, exerting as little energy as humanly possible. We must now retire to our La-Z-Boy recliner hot tub to ponder our next move.