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Executive moves: Tara Spalding joins Groundwork as VP of Marketing

Tara Spalding has left the SugarCRM room. Groundwork is the better for it

The news is a month old, but if you're like me this little gem slipped by you. Tara Spalding, one of SugarCRM's first employees and former vice president of Corporate Marketing for SugarCRM, has joined Groundwork as vice president of Marketing.

Tara has long been one of my favorite people in open source. She's bright, enthusiastic, and humble in her success. I caught up with her tonight while she was riding the train home and I was screaming for my daughter, Scout, to "SHOOT!" (Some things are even more important than open source. :-)

Tara didn't leave SugarCRM on bad terms. She simply was handed a bigger role at Groundwork and took it. As open source continues to grow we'll see more of this lateral movement between open-source companies. This is healthy. (Indeed, it is one of the largest reason's for Silicon Valley's success: free flowing ideas between companies, including competitors.)

In the meantime, if you don't know Tara, get to know her. She's the sort of person that makes you happy to be in open source.