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Executive moves: Shaun Connolly leaves Red Hat

Shaun Connolly is off to greener pastures. It's not a Red Hat thing. It's a family thing.

Shaun Connolly has been one of the few JBoss executives to stay with Red Hat post-acquisition. Today, however, is Shaun's last day with Red Hat.

It might be nice to ascribe Shaun's departure to some nefarious plot at Red Hat or to some other negative factor, but I talked with Shaun and it's none of the above. As Shaun told me, he's off to "get reacquainted with [his] family, as well as do some side jobs for a while."

If side jobs leads him to do something like Bob Bickel's Ringside Networks, then I'm all for it. Just don't stay out of the game as long as Bob did, Shaun. The open-source world needs more people like you reinvesting their experience in other open-source companies.

Shaun, conscientious guy that he is, leaves Red Hat in good shape, as he notes:

While it is difficult to leave people you've been in the foxhole with for the past 3.5 years, my departure actually comes at a good time.

JBoss World Orlando was a success on many fronts...blowing away the attendance numbers we had at JBoss World Vegas.

The JBoss model has been successfully flipped and aligned with the Red Hat model. And while there are still kinks to work out, there is solid momentum...both from a development release cycle as well as from the business perspective.

The middleware business continues its string of solid quarter over quarter growth. I can't share specifics, of course, but I am very happy with the quarterly numbers and trend curves for the past fiscal year.

All of this leads me to feel very comfortable leaving Red Hat and taking some time to find my next challenge.

The signs are positive that Red Hat has finally digested JBoss and is on track to reap the rewards from that acquisition. There's still much to do, but the critical dependency on people like Shaun is arguably diminished somewhat. Good for Shaun, then, for getting a little of his life back for at least a few months. I'm sure his family will appreciate it.

But I want some of his time when he re-enters the open-source world. There's still lots for you to do, Shaun. I've got my shopping list ready.