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Executive moves: Ashlee Vance ditches The Register for the New York Times

Ashlee Vance has left The Register for The New York Times. The world will never be the same.

In a sign of a snarkier times to come for the New York Times, The Register's Ashlee Vance has announced that he'll be joining the Times, effective September 2. Ashlee is, of course, my cohort (along with MuleSource's Dave Rosenberg) on the Open Season podcast, which may wither at the Times. Methinks it's not into open-source podcasts....

As he noted in an email:

I'm leaving The Register after more than five glorious years at the publication and heading to The New York Times. I'll be covering enterprise/business computing stuff, so much the same beat as I handled at The Register. I'll be reporting online and in print.

I wish Ashlee the best of luck. He's a great guy and a great journalist. He's also famous: Fake Steve Jobs managed to ridicule him on a number of different levels. What could be better than to have Dan Lyons (aka "Fake Steve Jobs") trash you when you're at a publication that takes great delight in trashing others? :-)

In all seriousness, here's hoping that The Register finds a capable replacement. While I'm glad to see Ashlee at the Times, I don't want The Register to lose its edge.