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Exclusive cover peek at 'Female Force: Sheryl Sandberg' comic

Depicting Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's life in just 22 pages was a challenge, says writer Michael Frizell. CNET has an exclusive look at the cover for this new biography comic.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg gets her own comic book but sadly no crime-fighting costume. (Click to enlarge.)
Bluewater Productions

Taking control of Facebook in a single bound? Fighting the competition with a golden lasso? Not quite. But "Female Force: Sheryl Sandberg" -- a visual biography of Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg from Bluewater Productions -- proves to be entertaining even without a Caped Crusader costume and any superpowers.

The comic, written by Michael Frizell, details both Sandberg's professional and personal life, from her family to her education to her successful career, which has made her famous within the tech industry.

"Bluewater's formula is to attempt to tell the story of the subject from birth to the present -- that's a lot of ground to cover in 22 pages -- so, I hit the highlights," Frizell told Crave. "Her family, her education, the formation of her belief system, and her personal and professional successes make up her story."

It can be challenging to encompass an entire life in 22 pages. While the comic does try to explore the highlights of Sandberg's life, Frizell wishes he could have looked more closely at her best-selling nonfiction book "Lean In."

"I would love to have explored 'Lean In' a bit more than I could roughly 80-90 panels," Frizell said. "'Lean In' is compelling and full of interesting and potentially controversial ideas. Had I another eight pages, I would have explored the book more, specifically focusing on the formation of those ideas and how she practices them in her life."

Finding a readership for the comic shouldn't prove difficult, considering her legion of fans, and critics, both of whom should find this comic intriguing.

"I think those who read this comic will be her fans, those who have read her book or understand her work with Facebook, or perhaps those curious about her background," Frizell said. "The comic will appeal to those interested in the lives of real people. Sandberg doesn't need a cape and tights to make a difference. Her superpower is intelligence backed by innovation. She's a leader."

Previous "Female Force" biography comics have included Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, Michelle Obama, Caroline Kennedy, Martha Stewart, Anne Rice, Princess Diana, and Ellen DeGeneres.

"Female Force: Sheryl Sandberg" hits comic stores in June.