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Ex-XenSource CEO tries another virtualization start-up

Pano Logic combines VMware virtualization software on the server with a device to remotely connect users' keyboards, mice and other peripherals.

Nick Gault apparently just can't get enough of virtualization start-ups.

Gault, who was founding chief executive of XenSource but who was replaced in 2006, now is leading Pano Logic, another virtualization start-up. XenSource was mostly focused on servers, but Pano Logic's emphasis is on desktop PCs, the company said as it announced its strategy Monday.

Virtualization, as most often described these days, enables a single computer to run multiple operating systems at the same time. Ideally, it increases the efficiency of hardware use, eases management burdens and enables a more flexible computing infrastructure in which software can be moved more easily from one machine to another to accommodate changing priorities and hardware failures. It's a hot area, as exhibited by Citrix's $500 million purchase of XenSource and VMware's hot initial public offering.

Pano Logic relies on software from VMware to carve a server into multiple partitions. Then its hardware securely connects users' monitors, keyboards, mice, USB ports and audio system to the server over an Ethernet network. The software can use either the free VMware Server or the more complicated VMware ESX Server.

The technology will be available starting in September.

The Menlo Park, Calif.-based company's investors include ComVentures and Foundation Capital.