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Ex-Sun CEO ponders autobiography

Jonathan Schwartz was a prolific blogger and now has begun tweeting. The next possibility: a book about being Sun's chief executive.

Jonathan Schwartz, Sun Microsystems' chief executive until January, has accelerated the pace of his public communications from blogging to the even faster-twitch Twitter medium. But he's also considering slowing it down by writing a book.

"I'm thinking of writing a book about my experiences as Sun's CEO (will not be in haiku). What would you like to read about?" Schwartz asked in a tweet on Monday.

Screenshot by Stephen Shankland/CNET

The haiku comment refers to Schwartz's parting tweet as Sun CEO, in which he blamed the economy for the fact that Sun was acquired by Oracle rather than remaining independent: "Financial crisis/Stalled too many customers/CEO no more."

A number of suggestions for subject matter have arrived:

• "the decision and discussion and hand-wringing behind the Great Open Sourcing efforts (Java, Solaris, etc.)," from pholdings.

• "Would like to hear about boardroom discussions about research directions: any disagreements? & Thoughts on A.I.," from FriskyBoy.

• "how to balance community rules & philosophy with company duties & profitability," from danieledemauro.

• "I'd love to know 'all' about the transitional period between between Scott 'stepping' down and you taking over," from rudids.

As Sarah Palin and countless other authors have found, autobiographies are a great opportunity to present personal history in a flattering light--and Schwartz has demonstrated skills in framing debates to his advantage. If a book comes to pass, let's hope that there's a healthy dose of reality in there, too.