Everyone should have a waterfall plasma

Because it's there

Astute Advance

Does anyone really need an indoor waterfall with a built-in plasma screen? Of course not--which is precisely why we crave one so much. Think about it: It would be the perfect foil to the rants from our hemp-wearing anti-technology friends from Berkeley, catering to their meditative zen needs while we watch the game on mute.

But we'd need to find a way to hook it up first. The waterfall plasma screen from Astute Advances doesn't include a TV tuner, instead intended to be connected to a DVD player or other video source for instructional messages, lobby information, advertising or other canned material, Newlaunches says.

That seems like kind of a waste to us, especially because the screens are available from 42 to 60 inches. Then again, given that the prices are based on the size of the plasma and the fountain, we probably wouldn't be able to afford more than a miniature desktop version anyway.