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Everpurse fashionably charges smartphones

Company aspires to charm Kickstarter with its techie clutch and purse insert. The twist? An Everpurse contains a built-in battery and charging dock for smartphones.

A new way to charge on the go. (Click to enlarge.)
Screenshot by Christopher MacManus/CNET

In my limited observations, it seems that size, shape, color, and fabric constantly change in the evolution of fashion pouches, but the actual usefulness of a purse stays the same: you can put in whatever you can fit in.

Everpurse, an up-and-comer on grassroots-funding site Kickstarter, seems poised to take off by raising the idea of a clutch (or purse insert) that can charge an iPhone or Android smartphone through a built-in dock and battery. Why does it seem poised? It raised over $23,000 in one day.

The Everpurse isn't a merely a purse, but rather a secret docking station for your smartphone. After sliding a smartphone into the pocket of the Everpurse, the attached device can roughly receive up to two full charges from the built-in charging dock. To top phones off, the Everpurse features a 2500mAh battery -- sewn in and invisible to the owner -- that recharges wirelessly when placed atop the included charging mat.

Dan Salcedo and Elizabeth Ormesher Salcedo, who are dynamic duo entrepreneurs, spouses, and creators of Everpurse, whipped up a video demonstration of the Everpurse for Crave. As far as we could see, it worked perfectly. I needed to know a little more, though, so I asked a few questions.

Those who fund the Everpurse Kickstarter project can vote on future color choices. Everpurse

During the video, Elizabeth merely pushed an iPhone into the Everpurse pocket, and the charging indicator appeared on the device. When queried about the internals, Dan informed Crave that the pocket contains a 30-pin connector (the first models support iPhone, but Android "will work" as well) and a patent-pending docking mechanism to make sure that the phone will always connects when inserted.

It takes about six hours to charge the Everpurse itself. While on the go, smartphone battery recharge through the purse can progress from "10 percent to 100 percent in about 100 minutes," say the creators.

Pricing on Kickstarter for the Everpurse stands at $129 for the fabric version, while leather runs $159.

It is worth noting that anyone can purchase a portable smartphone charger with a built-in battery for less and just stick it inside a purse. But Everpurse does provide a seamless all-in-one option without much fuss. The power purse arrives in March 2013 and seeks $100,000 in funding through Kickstarter.