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Evernote doubles note size limits, adds versioning

A new Evernote update has added versioning controls, as well as doubling the size that individual notes can be.

Evernote has pushed out a useful update to its premium service that adds a few more reasons to spend the $5 a month (or $45 a year) fee. Premium users now get double the storage on the size of notes, which has jumped from 25MB to 50MB a pop.

More impressive though is that the service is finally getting versioning control. Versioning is something that's especially important in word processing. If you're working on a particularly large piece of work, you might very well cut out portions here and there that you wish to bring back later on. Under the old system, these would have disappeared.

The way this works now is that the system saves your work several times a day. You can then see all the various versions Evernote has saved (as long as there have been changes), then either click on them to launch the Web editor, or export it as a file that can open up within Evernote's desktop application.

The big caveat here is that versioning doesn't save every little change you do throughout the day, and it only works with the Web version of Evernote, and not in the software version. This is a temporary setback though--the company says versioning control is coming to its mobile and desktop software apps soon.

Premium Evernote users can now jump between various versions of their notes. Though for now, it only works on the Web version of the service and not its software apps. Evernote