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Even watches join the hybrid trend

Not alternative energy, but a combo LCD/LED timepiece

Hybrid watch

The evolution of language moves so quickly wherever technology is concerned. Some day soon, the term "hybrid" may come to refer almost exclusively to alternative energy for automobiles (and maybe the occasional train or golf cart). But until then, it could apply to any number of combinations in any number of products--even watches.

Tokyoflash is selling a timepiece called the "DT1" from Fusion, which it describes as "a hybrid LCD/LED." That, we're afraid, is where our respect ends. The site, which says the watch is "very simple fo read" (yeah right), describes it thusly: "The outer ring indicates hours, the inner ring for minutes. The 30 small dots in the centre are seconds, they fill up to 30 and then drain down to make 60."

Clear as mud. The DT1 clearly falls squarely into our campaign against indecipherable watches, an initiative that we may eventually have to take to Washington.