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Europeans lost sleep over the Brexit vote. Here's how much

Data provided by fitness tracker Jawbone shows Londoners in particular got less shut-eye as votes on whether the UK would leave the European Union were being counted.

Londoners, on average, lost 35 minutes of sleep over the Brexit vote, said Jawbone.
AFP/Getty Images

Brexit, the UK movement to break away from the European Union, was a source of controversy over the last week. During the vote on Thursday, it was also the cause of lost sleep.

Londoners, on average, lost 35 minutes of sleep on Thursday, when the votes for the EU referendum were being counted through the night, according to data provided by fitness tracker Jawbone. Dublin users lost 15 minutes of sleep. Jawbone only offered data from specific cities, which didn't include overall UK statistics.

Elsewhere around Europe, Frankfurt, Germany lost 21 minutes of sleep, Madrid lost 16 minutes, Paris lost 17 minutes, Vienna lost 16 minutes and Warsaw, Poland, lost 19 minutes.

The only exception: Barcelona, Spain, actually got 8 minutes of additional rest time. Maybe they weren't as worried?