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Etihad brings butlers and big-screen TVs to the skies

Etihad is upping the ante on sky-high technology in its A380s with the launch of a three-room cabin known as The Residence, complete with big screen TVs and a private butler.

Etihad is upping the ante on sky-high technology with the launch of The Residence -- a three-room cabin complete with big screen TVs and a private butler, launching on the airline's A380 aircraft.

Each A380 across Etihad's fleet will be kitted out with a 125 square foot Residence, available for single or double occupancy, complete with luxuries like a reclining sofa and retractable ottoman in the living room, a six-foot long bed in the bedroom and a full-height shower in the bathroom.

Etihad has also spruced up the three-room suites with the kinds of technology you're unlikely to find in cattle class.

There's a 32-inch TV with dual controls and noise-cancelling headsets in the living room, and a 27-inch flat screen in the bedroom, offering live TV and a touch-controlled Panasonic eX3 entertainment system. The Residence is fully Wi-Fi enabled, and VIP guests will be able to go a step above double-pronged headphone jacks with HDMI and USB ports and an AC outlet.

The technology extends beyond TV and internet capabilities, with a dedicated touchscreen unit that controls every element of the automated cabin, including operating the retractable ottoman, the ambient and mood lighting and the window shading. Guests will also be able to touch controls to adjust their seat position and firmness, or start an in-seat massage.

If you don't fancy doing this yourself, a personal butler (trained at the Savoy Butlery Academy in London) will be on hand to press the buttons for you.