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Epson's sexy head-mounted display now shipping

Sunglasses seem so old school compared to a new tech-infused head-mounted display by Epson.

Who needs a giant TV when you can just wear one?

At first glance, the $699 Epson Moveria BT-100 may look like a pair of futuristic shades or even conjure up images of those protective sunglasses given to cataract patients. But in reality, these frames pack some seriously techy features like multimedia playback and Web browsing.

The Moveria BT-100 is a wearable display featuring a micro-projector that delivers images to each eye from a built-in qHD (960x540) screen. The overall projected image size appears similar to an 80-inch display viewed from 16.4 feet away, and since the glasses are see-through, you can still see what's around you in the real world. Meanwhile, the built-in earbuds provide Dolby Mobile virtual surround sound.

The glasses connect to an Android 2.2-based handheld device, which you can use to select the content you want to view, whether it be a Web site or video. The Wi-Fi-equipped (802.11b/g/n) controller offers compatibility with a variety of file formats, including MPEG-4 (AVC/H.264), MP3, AAC, Flash 11, and side-by-side 3D content.

The front shade is detachable, revealing a clear lens. BT-100's 24-bit visuals support up to 16 million colors. Epson

As for storage, the package includes a 4GB microSDHC memory card (with support for up to 32GB) and 1GB of built-in memory. Battery life of the headset tops out at about six hours while playing video, and recharging is easy through the provided charger or micro USB port.

When the BT-100 launched in Japan late last year, AV Watch discovered that the BT-100 controller did not feature the Android Market; rather, it allows installation of certain apps (.apk files).

Further investigation by Crave revealed that Epson recommends installing the Amazon Android app store, and the product page also mentions compatibility with Netflix, Pandora, Angry Birds, Kindle, and other popular apps.

One other important fact we noticed is that Epson plans to upgrade from Android 2.2 to a later version of the OS at some point in the future. To see the Epson Moveria BT-100 in action, check out the video below.