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Epson's new multimedia storage viewer lightens your load

Epson announces a new multimedia storage viewer.

Epson America

If you're an avid photographer when you go on vacation, you've probably faced the problem of what to do when your memory cards fill up. Do you lug along a laptop or do you buy a potentially expensive handful of memory cards to swap out? Epson presents a different solution today: the P-5000 Multimedia Storage Viewer. This device features an 80GB hard drive, two media card slots, and a 4-inch LCD screen for viewing. To free up space on your camera's memory cards, simply slip the card into one of the P-5000's slots and offload the images or videos. The screen lets you show off the photos and videos to fellow travelers. It can even play back music, so you can preload your favorite tunes to provide a musical soundtrack to your travels. The P-5000 also supports PictBridge, so you can plug it directly into a PictBridge printer to get photo prints.

Starting today, Epson offers a travel pack free with the purchase of a P-5000 (with proof of purchase and included coupon). The pack includes a carrying case, battery charger, viewing stand, car adapter, cleaning cloth, and LCD panel protective film. The travel pack is also available as a standalone purchase for $80.

At $700, the P-5000 is very expensive, so it's for the truly trigger-fingered. But if you fancy yourself a National Geographic-style photographer, it sure beats hauling a laptop.