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Episode 611: Verizon's new horizon

We just like that because it rhymes. The news is interesting, too: Verizon will open its network to apps and devices by 2008. Whoa!

Alternate titles: "Pigs fly: Verizon's new open network." "Hell freezes over at Verizon: Any app, any device by 2008." That's right, big news from Verizon today proves that, in order to change the game completely, all Google really has to do is join the game. Also: Cyber Monday may be a myth, but it's a Web-site-crashing myth just the same.


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Chris in Greensboro
Disney fast play.

Rob in Boca Raton
Free content for Kindle.

Brian in Maryland
I'll tell you what's clogging the Internet.

I've had TiVo service in Canada for two years
Just in case nobody else has e-mailed you...

I've had TiVo service in Canada for about 2 years now. TiVo allowed us Canucks to activate with a strange little hack, when activating we had to choose some state like Wyoming because no Canadian provinces were listed in the activation process. I had to buy the Series 2 from an eBay U.S. seller, but there are also a number of Canadian online stores:

Sorry for the bad grammar... typing this quickly.

Vancouver British Columbia

700MHz spectrum and rabbit ears
I just listened to the netcast #610 on my way in to work and I think I have an answer for the caller who didn't want to adjust rabbit ears for his new goophone on the 700 MHz spectrum. The broadcast infrastructure for a mobile phone will likely be very different than for terrestrial television broadcast; namely, cellular towers at low to moderate power output throughout an area (nationwide) repeating the signal vs. single broadcast tower at high output power as with your local television stations. You get the "best" of both worlds; high penetration frequency with constant signal power presence. The tradeoff is in infrastructure cost and maintenance as I suspect a large, high power television broadcast tower is cheaper to install and operate than many cellular towers to give the same coverage area! They might even bring back the old idea of using moderate size towers (think local, low-power television stations as many areas have) with moderate power output to cover large cells rather than the many towers now used for cellular networks. The penetration characteristics of the spectrum might allow this!

Thanks and have a great day

Ron, the old geek from Oxford, Michigan

Mark Cuban and P2P
Are you kidding me? I cannot believe Mark Cuban really said that. I mean a while back when NASA launched the first shuttle after Columbia. HDNet, Mark's own network, decided to let people download the video of the launch in HD, but because of the size of the file they had to use BitTorrent to let people download it.

Neil M.