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Episode 6: The most extreme torture test yet

On this week's Always On, we put the MacBook Air on top of a car and drive away -- at your suggestion. Our torture tests cause the most damage yet; watch the show to see if the Air survives.

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This is the week that the torture test really comes into its own, I think. We decided to toughen up and test the brand-new 11-inch Apple MacBook Air. Yeah, I know. Yikes. But I really want to test portable devices, and the Air is the epitome of portable, is it not?

We're down to a good rhythm with heat, cold, dropping, and water, and we're really trying to figure out how to make the wild card tests true to life. So, when three or four viewers tweeted me and told me they had put their MacBook Airs on top of cars and driven away ... we had to try it. The result is probably our most chilling piece of gadget video yet.

Image: Shortly before I dropped the MacBook Air on its head.
Shortly before I dropped the Air on its head.

Well, OK, the most chilling part is actually the tidal wave of spilled water that gushes over the Air at the very end. That's one tough little laptop, but for those of you who have been waiting for some real damage, watch on.

Also in this week's episode, we have a new correspondent! Two new correspondents, actually -- one you probably know, and one you may not (at least not from CNET). Meet Jeff Cannata of the "Totally Rad Show" and other podcasts and projects, who lent us his deadpan style in an unboxing of the amazing (?) Elliptigo. He'll be doing a full Road Test of the Elliptigo in a coming episode and hopefully much more for Always On.

Our other new face this week is the charming and adorable Donald Bell, who delivers a comprehensive how-to for those of you who want to use your Android phones to control your home entertainment system. And no, your options are not limited to the Nexus Q.

And in Future Tech, I love the future we live in: we did a story on mind control and the companies and gadgets that are making diagnostic tools, skateboards, and even kids' games that you actually control with your mind. We visited NeuroSky, which makes a pretty affordable little headset for tracking brain waves, and enables apps that help you train your mind for focus, concentration, exploding Red Bull cans, and so on. It was a pretty crazy day.

Watch the full episode here and the clips on our show page, and keep the comments and suggestions coming! We're close to the end of our first season -- we'll take a short, four-week break after Episode 8 -- and we'll be looking for your thoughts for Season 2! As always, thanks for watching!