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Episode 599: Et tu, Prince?

Prince. Please don't do this. What are you thinking? Why would you try to force your fan clubs offline? Why!?

Prince. You dear, sweet, funny, crazy, purple little man, you. What are you thinking? Why would you try to force your fan clubs offline by claiming that even pictures of their Prince tattoos violate your personal copyrights? You're KILLING us! In other news, 90,000 HD DVD players hit the streets and Target refuses to sell "Manhunt 2." And by the way, that game does sound downright oogy.


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Brian from Mississippi
Google is attacking Microsoft--from the flank!

Bill from Florida
Ads pay for the TV shows. Plus, SugarMama!

Mark the animator
Tablet! W00t!

Apple iTablet
Firstly I want...secondly, remember "All Things D" when Bill and Steve agreed on everything in the world when we were wanting a death-match, well...they both said that the future is going to be full of thin clients and Bill specifically said a person would carry a tabletlike device around the house to control all their media and access their apps on the cloud....So in typical Steve/Apple fashion, "That's a good idea, Bill, I'll take it and make it sexy and act like it was my idea."

Take the iPhone with a 13-inch screen and pair I with the Bluetooth keyboard. That's a laptop with little to no buttons on the actual device. Build this device with a ~30GB flash hard drive and you have the greatest portable device no matter where you are at.

Daniel the designer from Indiana

Powerbrick--well, actually
Dang it! Of all the things you guys talk about, of all the cool things I could have "well actually" you guys, it had to be a power brick?!

The Compaq Armada 1750--my dear 333Mhz P2 laptop didn't have a powerbrick, everything was internal.

Anyway, just thought I would mention it.

Keep up the great work,
Paul from Pittsburgh

Palm will survive the destruction of the human race say Japan
Dear Tom, Molly, Jason, Rafe, Veronica, Cylon Baby, and anybody who happens to be in the studio,

Rafe predicted in yesterday's show (598) that we would see a Google Android-powered Palm device within a year.

Well actually, I was watching the HD version of the highly accurate 2001 documentary, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within when I saw a glimpse into Palm's future. When the "bad guy" of the observed subjects uses a small terminal to communicate with the High Council, a small logo in the upper-left corner identifies it as a Palm machine. Moreover, it is "Palm Powered", thoroughly dashing the idea that Google's Android OS will overtake the good ol' fashioned Palm. While I myself am not a celebrated documentarian, I'd bet that even in 2065, it still uses Palm OS 5.

Much love for the show (and Linux hippies everywhere),
Mike from College Station

Gig 'em

Nokia N810 correction
Hey crew,

Just to let you know the Nokia n800 and n810 do not run Symbian (or however you spell it) but rather the Maemo (Debian Linux-based) operating system. Maemo is an open platform for developers. However, it is only limited to about three devices: the n770, n800, and the 810.

Great show--keep up the good work,
Tripzero the Linux hacker

USB drives are cool! The media tells me so!
Hey Buzz crew,

This is Brandon from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and I was reading the local paper today and I had a flashback to a show a few weeks back, where you were talking about record companies wanting to sell music on USB drives. I of course thought this was ludicrous, cause ya, who would want to carry a huge keychain of thumb drives around. Back to the paper though, the front page of the magazine section was all about custom USB drives, and how bands are building them into bracelets for people to wear their music and take it along anywhere.

And as scary as it is, I could definitely see my teenage cousin walking around with Hannah Montana on her left wrist and Matchbox 20 on her right. Also, what better place for her to hide her secret files or pass them along by just trading bracelets with her friends. 'Cause really, what parent or teacher is gonna notice another silicon bracelet on a girl's wrist?

Anyways, hope this news isn't to old for ya to find interesting, cause you know, Pittsburgh is like 6 months behind the rest of the country on the latest cool stuff...but maybe we are catching up since we have our own Google office, the winner of the Darpa Challenge, and the most marketable sports team of the Northeast, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Love the show, you kick off every work day for me.
Brandon Myers

Because I can't help myself...
Long-time host, infrequent e-mailer.

First, let me say BOL makes my vacation less stressful. Instead of worrying about whether I should call up Google reader in the hotel room, I just download the show and boom. I'm all caught up in 30...uh, 40...uh, 45 minutes.

But I have to say a few things regarding episode 598.

On the Qwest modem situation: My sister-in-law has a wireless router that's free from ATT and it's combined with the modem. Yep. One device. That means when she has issues with her MacBook, which she does, buying a wireless router is not an easy solution, unless she buys a new modem too.

PS2 lighter? They already came out with the slimmer version in 2004. How slim can it get?

And thanks to Chris and Silas for making some of the points about driverless cars that I would have made on 597 had I been there.

Love the show.
Tom in Barcelona