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Episode 593: Resist Melissa's siren song

There's a new piece of malware that strips for you. Don't give in.

So there's a clever piece of malware out that strips for you in order to trick you into entering captchas to help out spammers. In other news, new Google phone rumors are putting Caroline to sleep, and Jason reads the tale of a man who mourns not for Vonage.


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Chad from Michigan
Free game. Joinfear.com. Get full game and updates.

Josh from Denver
'Star Trek' stuff.

Sterling from Miami
I don't like Facebook.

NBC and iTunes

From AppleInsider via digg:
"Apple sold millions of dollars worth of hardware off the back of our content and made a lot of money," [NBC Universal chief executive Jeff Zucker] said. "They did not want to share in what they were making off the hardware or allow us to adjust pricing."
So does that mean NBC gets a cut from every television sold? Because if they don't, and haven't for the past sixty years, that's totally unfair and they should sue for back damages.

Christopher from Virginia

Wimax news!!!

Please don't disclose who I work for or last name, but I thought you would find this tidbit interesting.

I work with rolling out new technologies to remote field engineers, and this quote caught my eye from a Sprint corporate sales rep:
"Our announced next generation data service is WIMAX with service launching in select markets beginning late this year. The exact availability of Aircard type devices has not been released yet, but it has been communicated that USB aircards will probably be part of our product offering. At present I have not seen any indication we will progress to REV B."
So no Rev B, but Wimax is coming!! Woohoo!

Love the show! Miss Veronica :(

Jeff from Texas

Free laptop with three-year DSL contract

In Romania a DSL provider give you a free laptop for 3 year contract of 6Mbps DSL with 40 euro monthly fee.
You also can get a desktop PC with a 3Mbps for 20 euro monthly fee. Who neads a free TV with cable when you can get a free PC with DSL?


Vonage demise

Hey Tom & Molly,

In Episode 591, you talked about Vonage's financial and legal problems. As a former Vonage customer, all I can say is good!!!

In September, I tried to disconnect their service. Wow, what an experience. They must be desperate for money because they used every option available to keep my few paltry pesos.

They tried:
  • Charging a disconnect fee (I paid).
  • Charging for some mythical rebate that I got from my equipment (I didn't pay, I think; the equipment was given to me).
  • Paying an extra month because they weren't able to find in their meticulous call log notes from my three previous phone calls, anything about my request to disconnect my service. (Funny, they couldn?t tell me what the purpose of those calls, I guess I just called to say hi.)
  • Claiming that there was no supervisor at the call center. (I asked them how they got paid, and who paid them.)
  • Ignoring my saying "I want to disconnect now, I don?t need it, and don?t want it" and responding with "What if we gave you 2 months for free."
It went on and on and on! It felt like I was with a used car finance officer, I finally chewed my own arm off, paid about $85, and got away from them. Their tactics are so slimy. I check the BBB on them. It turns out that their membership was cancelled by the BBB earlier this year for the thousands of similar complaints.

They show all the classic signs of a cash-strapped company trying to hold on.

Gary Nelson
Seattle, Washington