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Episode 590: What's your brain's bandwidth?

Would you get a chip implanted that would let you access the Internet from your brain? Of course you would.

Would you get a chip implanted that would let you access the Internet from your brain? Of course you would. Otherwise, we couldn't connect! Also today, Microsoft wins the hand of the fair maiden Facebook. Aw, we're havin' a weddin'.


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Mike NH
Us New Englanders don't have everything!

Tad in SoCal
Oh no, Apple rumor guy!

Matthew the Science Teacher
IBM patent concern

Bob the Patent Lawyer
Weighing in on the IBM patent on patents.

Brewer in dispute with real Sam Adams
Hey Tom, Molly, and Jason

Saw this interesting article, and instantly thought of Molly's Culture of Ownership.

Love the show.

Brewer in dispute with real Sam Adams - Yahoo! News


Mac OS 10.5
While the rest of the world sleeps, we here in the Land Down Under will be at our Apple store (well, reseller, we don't have actual Apple stores) getting our copy of Leopard. Finally we will get something first. A whole 16 hours (I think) before you. On a side note, do you know when the iPhone will come to Australia? On another side note (heh, heh, heh) getting a Wii where I live in Brisbane, Queensland, seems to be quite easy. Seems Tom lives on the wrong side of the world. I got it on the day it came out, from my local Target, and there was only me and one other person getting one. Anyway, I must go back to counting down the hours until the next great cat is upon us. It's 9 p.m., so that makes only another 21 hours to go. (Breaks into uncontrollable fits of cackling.)

P.S. I never had even heard of a TiVo until I listened to your show. I've been listening since Episode 168, and I've loved every episode.

Michael from Brisbane, Australia.

BOL is No. 8!
Just wanted to drop a line real quick and let you know that BOL is ranked No. 8 (and has been most of the week) on podcastready.com. The kicker is that five of the podcasts above it are automatically subscribed to when someone installs myPodder, so BOL is actually more like the third most-requested podcast on podcastready.com.

Yeah! Buzz on!

Rick Harris

Oh please, Molly, please!
Hi Molly, Tom, and Jason!

Molly, I have a huge favor to ask. There's a voice that you sometimes do when reading really geeky e-mail or forum posts. The voice is a combination of the "Comic Book Guy" from "The Simpsons" and a lispy, spittled uber-nerd. I love it and it always makes me laugh.

On a future podcast, could you say (in that voice) "Anthony, you are the most rad human ever"? I'd love to capture it and turn it into a ringtone. Please, please, please.

(The obligatory) love the podcast!

Tokyo, Japan

P.S. I really do love the show!

Green lasers
Hey Buzz Crew,

I've recently discovered the podcasts and they have kept me up to date and highly entertained during my 14 months (and counting) of deployment to Iraq. Just finished Episode 588 and wanted to let you know that green lasers are significantly brighter than other colors. They are bright enough that soldiers on convoys use weapon-mounted versions of the lasers as a method of escalation of force. So next time you're driving down the road and see a green laser pointed at you, just back off!

Dan (from Iraq)