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Episode 578: Windows XP: Best OS ever

Now Microsoft is backporting the good parts of Vista into Windows XP. This is just getting weird.

OK, apparently Microsoft is now backporting the good parts of Vista (such as kernel security and easier product activation) into Windows XP. This is just getting weird--and a few service packs from now, XP will be the best OS the world has ever seen! Until Google's comes out, that is.


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Sean from NW Arkansas
A tech talks about diagnosing loose RAM chips.

Please don't sue me
I was in my dorm listening to episode #577 on my laptop, and after the discussion about music performances I realized that my roommate was also enjoying the episode. Do I owe you money? If I do owe money can payments be deferred until after college like my student loans?

Matt from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

3G iPhone
Played with the iPhone for the first time today (AT&T Store). Love it. While the rep sold my girlfriend on the chrome trim and Edge network, she confirmed for me a 3G iPhone. She quoted me December. She says her husband is getting her one for Christmas. No change in rate plans or price, though 16GB is assumed. To the average consumer, this will be a silent rollout. (Remember the 3G RAZR? Neither does anyone else.) I expect slightly improved battery life or at least comparable to the current. I hate Apple news, but since I confirmed this one with a handshake and a business card, I thought I would share. Fan boys get screwed twice in 6 months! Molly, rant in 5...4...3...2...1....

Find us a Linux chaser here.

Philip Whitley
North Carolina

Wild accusations!
So, Caroline McCarthy...Bruce Wayne is Batman?! I think not!

Bruce Wayne is a drunk billionaire that just parties and hangs out with supermodels all day. I don't think he's worked a day in his life. If this "Batman" is actually more than a myth made up to scare the superstitious and cowardly criminal element, then I don't see how Mr. Wayne could even be considered a possibility. If Thomas and Martha Wayne (may they rest in peace) could see what he's done to tarnish their family name, they'd be extremely disappointed. If Bruce Wayne is Batman, then one could argue that Paris Hilton is Batgirl. I listen to Buzz Out Loud to hear tech news stories and the occasional rant! Not wild accusations about billionaires dressing up as bats!

That being said, Superman is obviously Stephen Colbert without glasses.

Love the show!