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Episode 573: Hard out there for a PMP

Zune 2 is coming! Zune 2 is coming! Ok, if you don't care about that, the PS3 price cut is apparently real.

It's hard to find just the right portable music player. Auditioning candidates, trying them out on the street, looking for something that won't dole out tons of abuse. Maybe the Zune 2 can land this coveted position. In other news today, a PS3 price cut is apparently coming, Joost is open to all, and free still doesn't pay. Still.


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Trace from Atlanta
Your callers are so disciplined.

Paul from Irving
'Heroes' is now on Netflix.

Windows update ruined 'Mario' emulator.

Radiohead price of $0.00
Hey Tom, Molly, and Jason,

I just went out to the Radiohead Web site you talked about in episode 572 and tried putting in $0.00 for the price and it looks like it will work. I didn't complete the order but I got to a confirmation page and it looks like if I had hit the submit button it would work.

Love the show.
Joel C. in S.C.

iTunes alternative for Molly
Try using winamp with the ml_ipod plugin (technically a replacement for the built-in iPod interface). It is a great alternative to iTunes that won't complain about not being updated. Google ml_ipod for more details.

Peter from Brampton, Ontario (Ontario Canada--not Ontario, Calif.)

Another iTunes alternative
I came across the software Media Monkey.

It allows users to sync with all generation of iPods (except the newer ones), but unfortunately doesn't allow syncing with the iPhone.

And how about yet another iTunes alternative (for Linux)
Ms. Wood requested suggestions for an iTunes alternative.

It's sad that she won't ever get to use this piece of software, since it's for Linux, but Amarok is the coolest thing since individually wrapped sliced cheese!!!

It does everything that iTunes does, and then some. Mr. Merritt, you should definitely try it, if you haven't yet.

There is also the old Democracy player, now Miro, but somehow I doubt it will appeal to Ms. Wood's tastes.

Love the show! Bring back Veronica as a guest!

AT&T censorship
(writing from iPod Touch. Yay!)

Hey Jason/Molly/Tom,

As for AT&T's censorship policy, I predict that they will soon have the highest customer satisfaction out of all ISP's: Your customers are ALWAYS satisfied when you terminate the unhappy ones. I too have AT&T and I just want to say that I really hate how they don't let you u$;nl0$(??£><<%^8$.......

Mitchell from Carlsbad, Calif.

Rockwell Collins introduces iPod integration solutions
Just so you know before you order the new Falcon jet.

Johnny B

The actual DMCA takedown notice
Thanks for reading my e-mail on today's show.

At the time of writing my e-mail last week I didn't have the full text of the DMCA takedown notice.

Here's the actual demand.


I'll concede, haven't seen a lot (any?) of takedown notices before maybe this is a standard request, maybe I'm reading too much into this, or maybe it's just a poor wording (seems unlikely when lawyers are involved). But the request to "...remove the following threads..." seems completely unreasonable. Our legal advice agrees, we're keeping the threads up.

I'll try to write a blog post later today with a little more context, keep you posted.


DMCA blog post
Hey Guys,

Here's the blog post I wrote about the whole DCMA debacle.

The actual forum thread in question isn't even that controversial in my opinion. It seems like WB is just trying to put down a rumour. If that's not their motivation, then I'm completely lost.