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Episode 572: AT&T, your world, censored

AT&T says it can cut off your DSL if you say bad things about it. Consider this our attempt to get shut off.

AT&T has changed its terms of service to say that it can cancel your service if, essentially, you say bad things about the company. So, you can consider Episode 572 our official attempt to get ourselves shut off. Meanwhile, Microsoft puts Office online in a limited beta. And we mean "limited."


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Mark in Denver
Problems with my old iTunes.

Josh Denver
Amazon phishing thing.

Jeff from Salt Lake
Emusic charged my card.

Geek cred and thanks

For Sale: 1 (one) ICBM/space launch complex, used, Washington State, makes a great supervillain.

Oh, and you can decorate the place with a few other space items available through eBay: space art, books, and a museum-quality Sputnik 1 replica!


Amazon MP3 songs
A lot of gushing on BOL's part about the Amazon MP3 store. The format and price are right, but the number of songs is inflated and the selection is very limited compared to iTunes. Try doing a search for "Carrie Underwood" or "James Taylor" and you get dozens of songs but all either for karaoke or by "tribute" bands.

Don M.
Shawnee, Kansas

iTunes Plus and the Wi-Fi store
iTunes Plus songs are available for download on the iTunes Wi-Fi store. Coldplay and Pink Floyd are some of the groups with iTunes Plus songs.


Sent from my iPhone

EU's Apple smackdown
In episode 567, you mentioned the story about the EU recommending that all new PCs be available without an operating system. You asked if this would require Apple to unbundle OS X from new Macs, but I thought you'd like to know that the recommendation specifically exempts Apple from having to do this, and gives them a awesome backhanded compliment/smackdown to boot:

"To be clear, this paper deliberately concerns itself with the commodity computer market, where products are aimed at the mass market. We consider the Mac to be a premium, niche product, like a Bang and Olufsen television, which is difficult to justify in the business world outside of the publishing sector. We therefore do not think that the Mac, despite claims of its superiority, provides a meaningful competitive threat to Microsoft."


have a great day,
Casey O.

DMCA abuse
Hey guys,

I'm a Web developer for one of the top three hip hop news sites. Just thought you might be interested to know that Warner Brothers sent us a DMCA notice to take down a controversial message-board thread about one of their artists.

Talk about overstepping their bounds!