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Episode 54: Saying goodbye to Always On

Molly Wood is leaving CNET, which makes this the last episode of Always On. But hey, at least there's champagne!

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Always On is, undoubtedly, the most fun I've ever had in tech. And that's what I love the most about this show: it's been a celebration of all the ways that technology is truly a part of our everyday lives -- the good, the bad, the ugly, and occasionally the midair. I know we were best known for a sort of gleeful destructiveness, but the idea for the torture tests came directly from real-life stories and personal experience. And from your responses, dear audience, you've clearly had all the same kinds of experiences. (Well, maybe not all, but you know what I mean.)

But now, the show comes to an end, because I myself am moving on from CNET. I can't think of a better way to end my time here, and I'll always be grateful for the chance to produce and star in such a wonderful show.

Here's where I say thank you to Sarah "Eye of the Tiger" Harbin, Jason Pepper, Lynn Fu, Eileen Rivera, Celso Bulgatti, Charlie Wagner, Nicholas Henry, Allison Tom, Chris Tow, Vanessa Perez, Miriam Telles, and the wonderful Jeff Cannata who all played indispensable roles in the production, development, shooting, editing, and co-hosting of Always On. Also, to Lindsey Turrentine and Mark Larkin for believing in the show enough to fund it; to Courtney Cochrane, Katy Davies, and Jen Boscacci for sales, partnership, and promotion; and to the amazing and wise Jennie Josephson outside these walls, who guided me almost step by step through the entire process of developing a 22-minute TV show for the Web. Thank you is not quite enough--hopefully cocktails will suffice.

I wore my sparkly gold shirt so the gold iPhone 5S wouldn't outdo me!
I wore my sparkly gold shirt so the gold iPhone 5S wouldn't outdo me!

And although this is the last regular episode of the show, next week brings the Best Of Season 5, and the week after will be bloopers--plus two more product giveaways! I hope you enjoy this episode, which features our unboxing of the GOLD iPhone 5S -- yes, that thing was hard to come by, and yes, it won me over just a tiny bit with its bling. We also visited a couple of high-tech wineries, this being wine season, and I am sorry to say that I ground the Nokia Lumia 1020 into a fine vintage in the process.

Please enjoy, and a final thank you to you, dear audience, for watching, supporting, and enjoying the show so much. Your feedback meant the world to me, and Mailbag will always be my favorite part of the show. I'll see you soon!