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Episode 5: We get physical!

Influenced by the Nike+ FuelBand and Fitbit Ultra, Molly signs up for a half marathon! Plus the knives come out to unbox the Personal Rover and to create a DIY NFC Phonedock.

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Hello Internet. Eileen here, Supervising Producer for Always On. Molly is on vacation, so I'm filling in to give you a little background on this week's episode!

This week we get physical! Molly is in the best shape of her life and was inspired by her road test of both the Nike+ FuelBand and Fit Bit Ultra to enter her first half-marathon! She said to me, "I think we need to stay true to the extreme nature of the show. How about I sign up for a half-marathon?!?"

At first I thought she was crazy to fit in marathon training with the launch of a new show, but she's up to 10 miles now. The half marathon is August 12, and I absolutely think she CAN do it! Send her a little encouragement with an @reply on twitter when you have a chance.

This road test also includes a little montage of diary entries from Molly, either dancing, on an elliptical, more running, etc. Molly shot all the diary entries with either her iPhone or Go Pro. I had to nudge her a bit to get some of that footage (shot over the past month), and I wish we could share the raw footage of her dancing in her house. However, she might kill me! I use the Nike+ FuelBand myself and like Molly, I'm loving the gamification of the device. It really motivates me to keep moving!

Our first TRUE unboxing happens in this episode too. For months we've had a huge box sitting outside of Molly's office and we debated sending it back. Inside was the Personal Rover, an electric transportation vehicle to rival the Segway. For a moment, we actually thought it might not be a good product for the show. Boy, were we wrong! Not only do we love it, but I'm actually urging Molly to keep it around. I think it's a bargain for $699!

A true unboxing!

Sharon Vaknin is back with the most strenuous DIY yet! She steps up the ante from last week's NFC tag tutorial and creates a phone dock that charges your Android phone and automates any task you want! We shot the segment in one take and by the end, poor Sharon's arms were shaking.

For our future tech segment, we delve into the concept of augmented reality by visiting a company called Aurasma. Can we truly merge the physical and digital worlds, or are we just annoying others, but standing still and gawking at our phone to watch an animated display? You make the call!

Molly will be back next week with a live show at its normal time (10:45am, Tuesdays) and her personal take on this blog. Hope you've enjoyed this read!