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Episode 48: Are you ready for 4K TV?

In this week's episode, we give the 4K crew at Sony Pictures Studios a visit, unbox a TV that costs more than a car, and torture-test CNET's favorite plasma.

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Since Always On first started torture-testing gadgets over a year ago, the people have been calling for a television to go through the paces of destruction. Well, people, the time has come. While sparks are sure to fly in this much-anticipated torture test, we even have a TV-themed future tech and unboxing to boot.

First up, the crew journeys south to see what's brewing at Sony Pictures Studios. The answer is 4K...lots and lots of 4K. This technology turns your living room viewing experience into a night at the movies and even brings 50-year-old classic films back from the dead. Seeing a 35mm print digitally restored with no loss is a mind-blowing experience. Unfortunately, in disclaimer land, our cameras (and your computers) are not able to see 4K, so you can't truly experience what a difference the extra couple thousand pixels do for your inner quality nerd. But trust us... In 5 to 10 years when 4K starts taking living rooms by storm, the inner quality nerd will come out in all of us.

Perhaps channeling Randy Johnson in his prime, Eric Franklin chucks an Xbox fastball at the nicest plasma we've seen.

Keeping up with the 4K theme, we have an unboxing of the darling of CES 2013: the Samsung Ultra TV UN85S9. This $40,000 beast of a TV set nearly took a crane to get into our building. But with some help from a couple Samsung caretakers, a few faces from around the office, and a mountain of cardboard and Styrofoam, this thing straight-up mesmerized our entire crew. While Beyonce might be the only person in the world who can actually afford the thing, the couple hours we spent drooling at its display got us dreaming up ways to somehow come up with the money.

Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for: a TV torture test. We're sure some of you would love to see the $40,000 Ultra TV meet its end, but even we're not that crazy. Instead, we went with the CNET Editors' top pick TV, the Panasonic TC-PZT60, to go at with fire in our eyes. While we agree with our editors that the picture does indeed dazzle, this thing has more than a few enemies when it comes to our Always On torture-test protocol. Let's just say all gamers should take out their anger on their furniture instead of their television...because when rage-quit meets television, nobody wins.

In the mailbag this week, a viewer asks which tablet rules them all when it comes to designing shoes. The answer may surprise you.

That's all for this week! See you next Tuesday, and thanks for watching!