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Episode 30: A Chromebook Pixel drinking game!

In this week's episode, count how many times I can call the Pixel notebook some version of "gorgeous," tiny hard drive be damned. Plus, Jeff Cannata takes a bath with the Nexus 10.

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I feel like I might be the only person in the world who loves the poor Chromebook Pixel. It's just so misunderstood, with its ridiculously high price, its tiny 32GB hard drive, and its odd 3:2 screen resolution. But the design is just so gorgeous (drink), and the touch screen is so exciting, and the Chrome OS is so simple and Web-based! Perhaps you'll fall in love like I did ... or be wildly skeptical like Jeff Cannata. Check out this week's Unboxing, and find out.

Image: The Chromebook Pixel: it wants you to love it.
The Chromebook Pixel: it wants you to love it. CNET

On the other hand, Jeff is delighted by the idea of a huge watch that integrates with his phone, while I am less convinced--and I do mean far less convinced. He got his hands (er, wrist) on the I'm Watch smart watch at Mobile World Congress for an on-the-spot unboxing--and I do mean on the spot, since friendly I'm Watch PR people were swarming us, ready to offer helpful tips at the slightest provocation.

Also in this week's episode, Jeff in the bathtub! He torture tests the Google Nexus 10 tablet by taking it to the park and using it as a Frisbee, baking it alongside a pizza, and giving it a sudsy little bath. Find out if it survived ... or actually, just go ahead and debate, in the comments, whether you think the Nexus should have gotten the grade Jeff gives it. I'm not to sure.

As long as we're debating, would you rather replace your passwords with a key on your keychain or your eyeball? A few caveats: the key will work over NFC, and your eyeball has to be in your eye in order to work, so don't worry about bad guys trying to steal it. We're taking a look at the future of passwords in this week's Future Tech.

In the Mailbag, here I was thinking the Nest Thermostat was so cool until I got a schooling from an HVAC engineer on what makes a real "t-stat" tick (I even learned some new lingo). Also, an iPod price correction for which I can only blame myself. It's all this week--enjoy, and thanks for watching!