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Episode 24: Jawbone Up vs. Fitbit One

On this week's episode, I unbox two new fitness wearables, plus the GoPro Hero 3. Also, the GT500 on a race track and the future of space travel with SpaceX.

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I've had a lot of great adventures producing Always On, but I've had a lifelong dream to see a space shuttle launch, and with this show, I got to get pretty close: I flew down to Cape Canaveral to watch the Falcon 9 rocket blast off with the Dragon cargo capsule on board. It was, as you might imagine, a pretty spectacular sight: and a pretty exciting start to the future of privatized space flight.

This episode also features another pretty awesome day for me: a spin around Ford's test track in the 2013 Shelby GT500 Mustang. Drool. We made a Road Test out of it ... geddit? A road test?

And our holiday unboxings continue: I'm comparing the brand new Fitbit One with the new and (happily) improved Jawbone Up. These wearable fitness gadgets are a pretty awesome gift idea, I must say: they're increasingly popular and, you may remember from last year, pretty motivating, too!

I also unboxed, and not without difficulty, the new GoPro Hero 3, which is a super awesome camera contained in the most annoying box of all time.

There's also, of course, your mail, and I'm happy to announce that we successfully gave away all three gadgets in our big holiday torture test sweepstakes. We'll be back with more of those next year, thanks to everyone who entered!

See you back here next week with a future tech report on the "Internet of Things," out of LeWeb, and a torture test of the iPad Mini on the streets of Paris! Don't miss it!