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EPEAT has Comprehensive Criteria

A review of EPEAT-compliant criteria.

The breadth of EPEAT's criteria covers so much more than just toxicity and energy consumption. EPEAT Bronze compliance not only requires a better than average product but a conscientious manufacturer:

Reduction of materials and energy

  • Elimination of intentionally added SCCP flame retardants and plasticizers in certain applications
  • Elimination of paints or coatings that are not compatible with recycling or reuse
  • Identification and removal of components containing hazardous materials
  • Reduction/elimination of intentionally added toxics in packaging

Increase in lifespan and efficiency

  • Compliance with European RoHS Directive
  • Compliance with EPA Energy Star
  • Availability of additional three year warranty or service agreement
  • Minimum 65 percent reusable/recyclable
  • Provision of product take-back service
  • Provision of rechargeable battery take-back service
  • Separable packing materials
  • Easy disassembly of external enclosure
  • Upgradeable with common tools

Reporting and responsibilty

  • Declaration of product weight (lbs)
  • Declaration of postconsumer recycled plastic content (%)
  • Declaration of renewable/bio-based plastic materials content (%)
  • Declaration of recycled content
  • Reporting on amount of mercury used in light sources (mg)
  • Marking of plastic components
  • Identification of materials with special handling needs
  • Corporate report consistent with Performance Track or GRI
  • Self-certified environmental management system for design and manufacturing organizations
  • Demonstration of corporate environmental policy consistent with ISO 14001