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YouTube's making a Tinder comedy about dating every last match

All 252 of them.

YouTube's "Swipe Right" is all about dating every last possible match on Tinder.
Daniel Van Boom/CNET

Online dating on apps like Tinder can easily become a series of great dates, bad dates and stupid dates.

YouTube Red is turning that idea into a television show with 2018's "Swipe Right" starring Carly Craig, from "American Housewife," Deadline reports

The eight-episode series is based on a true story by the actress, in which a 35-year-old workaholic decides to take a super-focused approach to dating by going out with all 252 of her Tinder matches.

The show also includes a mother-sized twist, in which the Craig's character's mom joins her daughter on the online dating scene after the death of her husband.

The YouTube Red show is set to debut sometime in 2018.

When contacted for comment, YouTube had nothing further to add on the show.