'Worst Song Ever': TikTok Reacts to the Ice Cream Song From 'Doctor Strange 2'

Viewers are (banana) split on the "We like ice cream" song in Marvel's newest blockbuster.

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Tommy and Billy.

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A seconds-long scene from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now the subject of some scathing TikTok videos.

The "ice cream song" -- a scene in the film where two little kids belt about the frozen treat -- is taking some heat from moviegoers on the platform who describe it as "cringey," "embarrassing" and a "monstrosity."

As a cherry on top, a sound used in some videos dubs it the "worst song ever." However, plenty of others have come to the dessert-themed song's defense. Let's get into it.

Warning: Spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (and an out-of-key song about ice cream) lie ahead. 

lot goes down in Sam Raimi's superhero blockbuster Doctor Strange 2. For the purposes of this article, you need to know that the movie's main antagonist is Wanda Maximoff/The Scarlet Witch, who's played by Elizabeth Olsen. She's obsessed with the idea of living alongside "her" children, twin boys Tommy and Billy, who exist in other universes, but not her own.  

At one point in the film, Wanda uses a dark magical ability called dream-walking to temporarily take over the body of a Wanda in another reality. The kids that belong to that Wanda don't realize what's happened, and they call their mother over to show her something.

Despite the villainous path Wanda took to get here, this is a poignant moment. She's finally able to convene with the kids she clearly loves and feels a motherly connection toward. We watch closely to see what happens next.

Turns out, it's an incredibly off-tune duet about ice cream.

"We like ice cream, like every child should. We promise to be good," the boys belt in unison, hoping to convince Wanda to give them the treat.

Over on TikTok, some have given the song a brutal review. "Me leaving AMC after hearing the worst duet ever in cinematic history," wrote one user in a TikTok that's since gained more than 270,000 likes. 

Another posted a video clip from the AMC show Breaking Bad with text that says, "The writers of Doctor Strange crafting the cringiest song I've ever heard." (They followed up in the comments, saying, "No hate to the actors though.")

Other users, however, have defended the kids' duet. "This scene was fine, and kids do that lol," wrote one user in the comments. "It wasn't even bad," wrote another.

Here's a roundup of TikToks about the ice cream song. (For more balanced discussion, read the comments). Doctor Strange 2 -- dessert-themed songs and all -- has crossed half a billion dollars at the worldwide box office... so I guess they have the last laugh.

Cue the 'Toks

"My gf looking at me during this scene, after I spent the last four months hyping up Multiverse of Madness as the best thing since oreos and milk." (The TikTok's creator adds, "Zero hate directed towards the child actors. They had to do what was needed to secure the bag.")


We win sum, we lose sum.

♬ Worst song ever - Brandon

This viewer hilariously ranked all the lyrics.

The ice cream song: A "monstrosity."

@x.abbied.x It was amazing… however,… worst part of the film. #multiverseofmadness #wandamaximoff #wandavision ♬ Worst song ever - Brandon

And finally, a few words from an ice cream song defender.


When I was ten my friend I made a fake commercial for magic slime and kept saying ‘potato’ in it cause we thought potatoes were funny. I also wrote earth and water versions of Let It Go titled ‘Let It Grow’ and ‘Let It Flow’ respectively and I thought I was a lyrical genius

♬ Worst song ever - Brandon

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