First Wonder Woman 1984 trailer sees Gal Gadot literally ride lightning

Plus, an emotional reunion as Chris Pine returns as Steve Trevor, Diana's long-lost love.

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Chris Pine returns as Steve Trevor alongside Gal Gadot's Diana Prince.

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It's been a big week for trailers, with James Bond, Black Widow and Free Guy all dropping their first major footage. But one last treat arrived on Sunday, courtesy of the Wonder Woman panel at Brazil's Comic Con Experience: the very first trailer for Wonder Woman 1984.

The follow-up to 2017's Wonder Woman is set 40 years later and puts Gal Gadot's Diana Prince in the conflict of the Cold War. Having lost many of her friends over the years, she's in a dark place, and on top of that faces a new villain in the form of Kristen Wiig's Barbara Minerva, an archaeologist who by way of a lost city and an ancient ritual ends up channeling an ancient goddess known as Cheetah.

The trailer hints at a friendship between Diana and Barbara, one that may take a turn for the worse. Diana, ever one for heroic sayings, offers: "Nothing good is born from lies." We also see the return of Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Diana's long-lost love who sacrificed himself in the first film. How does he come back from that? No clues just yet.

Director Patty Jenkins reportedly intended the sequel to be a standalone film, much in the same way James Bond and Indiana Jones movies don't carry one continuous story.

Jenkins has also teased that 1984 will be a "great love story," which may be why Chris Pine is back as Steve Trevor, although Jenkins offered no explanation for how he returns from the fate he met in the first movie.

Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright are also back as Hippolyta and Antiope respectively, but may only appear in a flashback sequence. The Mandalorian's Pedro Pascal takes on the part of Maxwell Lord, "king of infomercials," according to Jenkins at the panel, a role which will presumably show his face.

Here's a good look at the characters via their movie posters:

In even more Wonder Woman news, Jenkins announced at CCXP that she'll be helping a Wonder Woman spinoff to the silver screen as an executive producer. It'll focus on the Amazons of Themyscira, many of which in the first movie were played by ex-athletes and bodybuilders.

Catch Wonder Woman 1984 on June 5, 2020, in the US and the UK, and June 4 in Australia.

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